/// Aereo Boston Launch Draws Broadcaster Ire

April 23, 2013  |  Media Week

Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed controversial pay TV service that streams TV signals over the Internet, has selected Boston as the next market in its planned 22-city rollout. The service will launch May 15 for pre-registered consumers followed by a May 30 market-wide launch. For Aereo, that means a potential 4.5 million new customers. But it will also undoubtedly mean more lawsuits by broadcast owners that claim Aereo is infringing on their copyright. CBS confirmed to Adweek that it will file suit. “Stealing our signal will be found to be illegal in Boston, just as it will be everywhere else,” CBS, owner of WBZ in Boston, said in a statement. In fact, broadcasters have been waiting for the opportunity to file against Aereo in another market after New York courts twice refused to halt the service. That lawsuit continued to drag on last week when New York TV station owners petitioned the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for an en banc hearing. A hearing on the merits of the case is likely for early next year.

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