/// CNBC Gets Serious About Web Video With Puppets and Bacon Tacos

April 22, 2013  |  Media Week

When you think of CNBC, naturally you think of gossipy puppets and bacon tacos, right? OK, maybe not. But that’s where the power suit crowd-serving cable network wants to take viewers, as it looks to seriously dial up its Web video output. This week marks the debut of the CNBC Digital Workshop , an in-house production studio designed to crank out Web originals for CNBC.com and partners like Yahoo . Among the projects in development are Chew & Brew, a weekly cooking show hosted by CNBC reporter Jane Wells that’s focused on guy-skewing concoctions like bacon tacos and beer milkshakes, and The Puppets Can Hear You, featuring puppets reciting tweets from the popular Wall Street Twitter feed @GSElevator , which mocks the sometimes out-of-touch traders at Goldman Sachs. CNBC is clearly going lighter and broader with some of its digital fare, as it attempts to move past simply repurposed TV clips. Meanwhile, it is also ramping up a daily postmarket round-up show, 3 to Watch, hosted by CNBC reporter Josh Lipton, and this Friday marks the debut of Hacking America, an investigative series examining weighty topics like the fight against global cyberterrorism. “We’re building on the success we already have,” said Kevin Krim, svp, gm of CNBC Digital. “We have a fantastic TV brand and a very strong digital team, which has been doing a better and better job of fundamental blocking and tackling. But now we’re interested in going after a broader base, offering viewers a holistic view of their lives, not just [what they’re doing during] trading hours. And we’re also addressing advertiser demand.” Though the workshop is being formally announced this week, CNBC already has started churning out Web-only franchises. Among them, Off the Cuff, a collaboration with Yahoo, features interviews with executives outside their business milieu, as well as celebs and sports stars like the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony; and the recently launched, twice-daily series Big Data Download

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CNBC Gets Serious About Web Video With Puppets and Bacon Tacos

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