/// Former Yahoo Security Head Somaini Lands at Cloud Startup Box

April 18, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Justin Somaini, the former chief information security officer at Yahoo, who left that company in January , has landed a new job at high-flying cloud-computing startup Box. In an announcement set to be made later today, Somaini, whose title will be VP and chief trust officer, will be one of three high-profile new hires at Box that will also be announced later today. The other two are Niall Wall, who will be SVP and head of business development, and Jeff Mannie, who will be VP, controller and chief accounting officer. Wall will take over for Karen Appleton, who has been promoted to senior VP in charge of global alliances. What does the new title — chief trust officer — mean? “Two things,” Somaini told me in a brief conversation yesterday. “Really driving a trust strategy for the company around the products and services we provide and how that relates to internal functions of how we perform. Second, we have to make sure there’s a tight integration with our customer to base to really understand their needs. And it’s not only that we’re able to respond to their pain points, but that we’re able to predict them.” He should have a pretty good appreciation for their pain points. Before creating the CISO job at Yahoo, he held the same title at security software giant Symantec. Before that he was director of information security at Verisign. He’s also been an advisor to Palo Alto Networks.

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Former Yahoo Security Head Somaini Lands at Cloud Startup Box

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