/// Facebook Begins Big Ad Blitz To Tout Its New Android "Home"

April 6, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Although Facebook Home won’t be available for another week or so , the social network has begun a major ad campaign pitching customers on its new Android software. On its own mobile and desktop sites, Facebook is pushing its users through a variety of ads, including suggested posts, page posts, sponsored stories and logout page ads. Each of the ads directs users to Facebook’s main page for its mobile efforts . Introduced on Thursday , Facebook Home is downloadable software for Android phones that adds a customized home screen, lock screen and app launcher. It is slated to be available April 12 for a handful of phones, and preloaded on the HTC First, a new $99 phone for AT&T . The company is taking the Airplane spot it showed at Thursday’s launch event and airing it as a TV commercial, starting with today’s Final Four men’s college basketball games on CBS. Additional spots — all produced by ad firm Wieden + Kennedy, will come in the coming weeks, Facebook said. Here’s a look at the commercial:

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Facebook Begins Big Ad Blitz To Tout Its New Android "Home"

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