/// Mulesoft, The Cloud’s Super Middleman, Lands $37 Million From NEA

April 3, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Here’s a new problem that arises when your company embraces cloud computing in a big way: Getting all your data residing in disparate applications to work together. A company called Mulesoft specializes in helping companies do exactly that. It started out as an on-premise platform, but has since shifted to one based in the cloud. A textbook case: Getting data from one cloud based application, say Salesforce.com, working with another, say, Workday. You might want information about your sales team’s performance integrated with your human resources information so you can keep track of who’s performing well and who isn’t. Typically, you’d do that yourself, taking advantage of APIs provide by both companies. You’d assign a team of developers to create a custom process and workflow. It would take more time than you’d want it to, and probably cost more than you’d like. “All those problems about integrating data become exponentially greater in the cloud,” mainly because there’s more applications and, there’s also just more data, says Mulesoft CEO Greg Schott. There are, he says, something like 2,100 different companies offering Software-as-a-service applications, plus a whole bunch of older legacy on-premise enterprise software products. And every company has their own mix-and-match combination. The good news is that most if not all of these applications have their APIs, meaning that in theory a programmers can take advantage of them. And that’s where Mulesoft steps in. One API doesn’t natively talk to another API. At a high level Mulesoft sits as the middle-man between them all. It has a repository of 13,000 or more APIs, and has a SaaS platform that connects them all together. The time required to integrate data in two or more applications is cut from weeks or months to hours or days. The problem isn’t getting smaller.

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Mulesoft, The Cloud’s Super Middleman, Lands $37 Million From NEA

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