/// Does Anyone Actually Want a "Facebook Phone"?

March 29, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Something Facebook mobile this way comes . And depending on what you read, it’s a little different here and there. A proper Facebook phone. Or not a Facebook phone, but a very Facebook-y version of a phone . Whatever it is, we’re in agreement that it involves Facebook and a phone. But let’s rewind for a second: Who among us would actually want to buy a Facebook phone, much less use it as a primary device? Yes, more than half a billion people use Facebook on their phones daily. And yes! Facebook is the most downloaded app across modern-day smartphones! But Facebook has slowly made its endgame here very clear: The company wants you to use all its services — namely texting, voice calling and emailing — as your primary mode of communication over your existing SMS, email and voice services. There’s probably a hardcore set of Facebook lovers who do indeed use, or would desire to use, all of Facebook’s mobile services to contact others. But that group has to be incredibly small. And some of Facebook’s more interesting mobile features, like voice calling, have only been out for a handful of months, and only in certain countries. I’d argue that the majority of the world’s mobile-loving population isn’t built the way Facebook wants it to be. I may use SMS texts to contact, say, my friend who hates using Facebook and doesn’t want an account.

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Does Anyone Actually Want a "Facebook Phone"?

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