/// Actually, Amazon Paid About $150 Million for Goodreads

March 29, 2013  |  All Things Digital

According to sources, Amazon paid about $150 million for Goodreads, the popular books recommendation service. But that number could close in on $200 million, if certain performance metrics are met. And, while BusinessWeek ran a we-are-just-guessing story today that posited a self-described “overly simple, back-of-the-envelope estimate” of $1 billion, sources said that number is simply wrong. I am still trying to determine how much of the deal was cash — most of it, said sources — and how much was stock. The San Francisco-based Goodreads had raised close to $3 million from a range of angel investors, as well as True Ventures.

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Actually, Amazon Paid About $150 Million for Goodreads

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