/// More Apps Coming to Cars, but They’re Still Miles From Perfection

March 27, 2013  |  All Things Digital

One thing’s certain at this year’s New York International Auto Show today: Auto makers are getting more app-happy. But auto apps are still far from high-tech perfection, and concerns about driver distraction still play a big part in how these apps work in cars. BMW, for one, showed how location-notification app Glympse will soon work with BMWs and Mini Coopers, provided that the car has a $250 connective tether (an opt-in feature when you buy the car). Glympse, a Bay Area-based app that launched in 2009, lets you pre-set a message about your whereabouts and put it on a timer. Hop into your BMW, plug your smartphone into the connective wire and fire up Glympse. You can then tell the app that in 15 minutes you want it to automatically send information on your exact location to your co-worker, or spouse or whoever it is you’re heading out to meet. Glympse has also partnered with Mercedes-Benz and Ford for this feature. Cadillac’s just-unveiled CTS Sedan — General Motors’s luxury competitor to BMW and Mercedes-Benz — includes the most recent version of Cue, the company’s in-car communication and app system. It looks a little bit like an iPad installed in the dashboard. The updated Cue includes shortcuts for drivers, such as the ability to enter, manually or with voice, a full address to the built-in nav system instead of painstakingly entering city name, street name and so on. And Ford today launched a competition for app developers to create a new fuel-efficiency app, citing an increasing focus on fuel economy. This comes just a few months after the auto maker announced it was opening up its in-car platforms to developers, as my colleague Liz Gannes reported . (General Motors has done the same.) Ford has also participated in a hackathon with Facebook, which led to the creation of a concept app that would prompt a “check in” for Ford vehicle owners once they arrive at a destination

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More Apps Coming to Cars, but They’re Still Miles From Perfection

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