/// New Girl’s Jake Johnson Is An ‘Idiot With Technology’

March 20, 2013  |  Media Week

Specs Who Jake Johnson Age 34 Accomplishments Stars as Nick Miller on Fox’s New Girl (Tuesdays at 9 p.m.); appears in the upcoming film Drinking Buddies with Olivia Wilde; UFC aficionado Base Los Angeles What’s the first information you consume in the morning? I’ll go through emails. And then I’ll go to the basics— CNN.com and ChicagoSports.com . You’re pretty active on Twitter. What are your favorite accounts to follow? For a while, it was Jose Canseco . He’s a true maniac. There was a whole period where he would just say, “I complete you,” and there was no punctuation. Every time, it made me feel weird. What does that even mean? Are you a TV junkie or on an airtime-restricted diet? I’m a TV junkie. I watch everything, from Breaking Bad to Storage Wars. The show I’m currently obsessed with is The Ultimate Fighter on FX . Do you watch New Girl? I do, yeah, for two reasons: One, just to see what got in—when people are seeing it for the first time, that’s when I’m seeing it—and two, I like to go back and forth on Twitter with fans of the show while they’re watching and ask a basic question like “What’s jumping out?” to see an immediate response. For example, when Nick and Jess kissed , I got over 20,000 followers from that moment to 24 hours after that.

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New Girl’s Jake Johnson Is An ‘Idiot With Technology’

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