/// Jerry Yang Is Back (and Investing More Than Ever)

March 20, 2013  |  All Things Digital

If truth be told, Jerry Yang never really disappeared from the Silicon Valley scene, even if he left Yahoo rather suddenly just over a year ago — resigning from the board and all other positions at the iconic company he co-founded with David Filo in 1995 and then going very quiet. When I met him last week at the airy and newish office space off Camino Real of AME Cloud Ventures, he politely declined to talk about that Yahoo tenure and departure, although Yahoo and he are inextricably linked in the history of tech. That’s because the former Chief Yahoo has moved onto the next stage of his career, which perhaps could be called Jerry 2.0 — a term he’d hate (and give me a hard time for using). Still, in many ways, Yang has launched a new digital life by focusing on what had made him interested in tech in the first place: Entrepreneurs. “I feel like the thing I missed the most is what really early entrepreneurs were doing,” he said of his latest efforts, which have been well known among techies, even if Yang has never been one to toot his own horn much in general. “I’m not sure at all that I’m any good at this mentoring/investing business — that’s why I’m using my own money, and that’s why it’s not a career.” Yet. Yang is calling his nascent investment business — he’s more than an angel, but not quite a VC — a “work in progress” that might morph into something more

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Jerry Yang Is Back (and Investing More Than Ever)

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