/// Hey, Remember How Awesome The iPhone Is?

March 17, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Forgotten what a magical and revolutionary device the iPhone is? If you have — and Apple increasingly appears to think so — the company has a handy reminder. A new “ Why iPhone ” Web page that explains in exhaustive detail why Apple’s smartphone is alpha and omega of mobile devices. Remember the “ Why You’ll Love a Mac ” campaign? Well, this is basically the same thing, but for iPhone. In other words, it’s a big ‘ol advertisement for an important product from the company that makes it. But, Apple launched it just two days after Samsung unveiled its new iPhone challenger the Galaxy S4, so that must mean the company is terrified its Korean rival is suddenly going to claim the 60-70 percent of annual handset industry profits it typically captures for its own

Hey, Remember How Awesome The iPhone Is?

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