/// Wii U Sales Still Lousy

March 15, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t proving to be much of a successor to the 100-million-selling Wii. New metrics from NPD suggest that sales of the console continue to disappoint. The market researcher said Friday that Wii U shipments rose over 40 percent month over month in February — encouraging news were it not for the poor shipment number from which they rose. Wii U shipments are believed to be as low as 57,000 units during January. In other words, Nintendo’s Wii U shipments for the month of February were somewhere in the mid-60,000s . For a console that debuted just a few months ago, that’s just plain lousy. Consider this: Microsoft shipped 302,000 Xbox consoles during the same period.

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Wii U Sales Still Lousy

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