/// Rather than Just Watch Samsung’s Show, HTC Gets In On The Act

March 15, 2013  |  All Things Digital

As reporters and others waited to get into Radio City Music Hall on Thursday, they had a chance to play with one of the latest high-end Android devices. But it wasn’t the Galaxy S 4. It was the HTC One. The Taiwanese phonemaker dispatched a street team to pass out snacks and hot cocoa while demoing the HTC phone as folks gathered for Samsung’s big event . “For us its a good opportunity to let people compare real-time,” HTC President Jason Mackenzie said in an interview. “We have the best smartphone in the world right now and we want to seize the opportunity to get it into as many hands as possible.” To that end, HTC also passed out coupons offering $100 to those that trade in their phone for the new One. HTC wasn’t alone in seizing Samsung’s big stage to try and grab some attention. LG had a billboard above Samsung’s Times Square signage, while Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller did a round of interviews ahead of Thursday’s launch. But taking on Samsung so directly represents a new approach for HTC. For years, the company sold its phones under the tagline “quietly brilliant” and tended to have a marketing approach to match. After losing significant ground, though, the company has decided it needs to speak up if it doesn’t want to see its fortunes erode further. Plus, the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are really targeted at the same buyer and both are due to hit the market around the same time. “We’ve got to compete,” Mackenzie told AllThingsD . “These two products will spend their product life in market together.” All four U.S

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Rather than Just Watch Samsung’s Show, HTC Gets In On The Act

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