/// Why You Can Watch "NCIS" on Your iPad, But Not "Big Bang Theory"

March 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

CBS has a new iPad and iPhone app that will let you watch many of its shows for free. That’s not interesting at all. What is interesting are the decisions the network has made about what you can watch on the apps, and when  you can watch them. Because they say a lot about the state of the TV business, and the way it is and isn’t adapting to digital reality. Stuff to pay attention to: CBS, which for a long time kept most of shows off the Web, now offers almost all of them on the Web, and you can see most of those on the apps. The omissions in the mobile lineup are the shows that CBS doesn’t own. Big Bang Theory, for instance, comes from Time Warner’s Warner Bros. studio, so it’s not on the app. You can see most of CBS’ daytime and nighttime programming (soaps, David Letterman) on the apps the day after they air. But its primetime stuff – (NCIS, The Good Wife, etc) won’t show up until 8 days after it airs on the network.

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Why You Can Watch "NCIS" on Your iPad, But Not "Big Bang Theory"

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