/// Twitter’s Music App Will Let You Watch, Too, With Help From Vevo

March 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

If you want a very good idea of what Twitter’s music app will look like, you should check out Casey Newton’s detailed report at CNET . Back? OK. Here are a few more details I’ve gleaned from people familiar with Twitter’s plans for the app: SoundCloud and iTunes won’t be the only third-party services integrating into the app. Twitter would like multiple companies to participate, and has signed on at least one: Music video service Vevo will display its clips on the app, using a Twitter-built player. Those Vevo videos are also likely to be the only way you can hear full songs from acts you’ve heard of when you use the app. SoundCloud has the ability to play lots of music, but for the most part it can’t play songs owned by the big music labels and publishers; Apple can only offer up partial clips of the songs in its music stores. And music-only services that do have licenses for complete songs, like Spotify, generally don’t have the ability to play them on third-party apps.* So for now, at least, the emphasis on the app will be about sampling. While Twitter purchased music discovery startup We Are Hunted to design the app, this isn’t like Vine , where Twitter bought an existing product and added it to its portfolio . This one has been spearheaded internally by Kevin Thau, Twitter’s first business development head . Thau’s Twitter profile no longer identifies his job at the company, and he no longer has a LinkedIn listing, either. But I’m told he’s been running a sort-of-secret “skunkworks” for Twitter for some time, and this project is either the result or part of it. Silky smooth

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Twitter’s Music App Will Let You Watch, Too, With Help From Vevo

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