/// The New CNN Gets Into the Big Data Game

March 11, 2013  |  Media Week

CNN is once again trying its hand at the analytics game in the upfront, only this time it has the backing of a larger partnership. The cable news network is joining forces with Nielsen and Arbitron to create CNN All-Screen, which will measure out-of-home and cross-platform viewing to create a more accurate measurement for the network’s ad impressions. (The deal was cut before the proposed merger was announced; presumably any potential regulatory hurdles won’t scuttle the partnership.) The trouble, of course, will be to convince clients to put money against this sort of thing. It’s not unheard-of—Starcom agreed to try buying guarantees against an Arbitron-based alternative measurement system called ARB-TV in 2010. Three years is quite a while in the data world, though. Nielsen’s Catalina unit is following the lead of giants like Acxiom into the world of addressable advertising. So for consumer packaged goods, for example, they’ll be cross-referencing viewer data with loyalty card databases

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The New CNN Gets Into the Big Data Game

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