/// February the Cruelest Month for Apple Supply Chain

March 11, 2013  |  All Things Digital

For Apple’s component supply chain, February is typically a sluggish month, but this past February was quite a bit worse than usual. Sales data for a group of component suppliers that generate more than half of their revenue from Apple fell significantly during the month of February, says Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, a foreboding sign for the iPhone maker. White says his Apple Monitor, a metric that tracks key Apple suppliers, declined 31 percent sequentially over the month. That’s nearly four times the 8 percent dip it typically posts for the period. And even accounting for wildcards, like Chinese New Year, the numbers are bad “Since the timing of Chinese New Year can negatively impact sales in February, we also calculated the average February performance when excluding a January Chinese New Year, which equates to down 15 percent,” White explains. “Either way, the Apple Monitor came up short and delivered the worst February we have on record.” Potentially ominous news for Apple — certainly a metric on which to keep an eye

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February the Cruelest Month for Apple Supply Chain

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