/// Why Carriers Just Love Firefox OS

February 24, 2013  |  All Things Digital

There’s a good reason why Mozilla was able to get more than a dozen carriers to line up behind its browser-based phone operating system. First off, carriers love anything that threatens to lessen the power of Apple and Android. It’s why they always express hope and optimism for any new release of Windows or BlackBerry and have for years. “Duopolies are not beneficial for any industry,” Telefonica CEO Cesar Alierta said onstage at Mozilla’s press conference on Sunday. Telefonica is betting very big on Firefox OS, bringing it to several countries this year and to all its markets by the end of next year. Even with BlackBerry and Windows Phone, Telecom Italia CEO Franco Bernabè says there is enough opportunity for Firefox and even Tizen, a mobile version of Linux. “I think there is room for all of them,” Bernabè said in a brief interview at the Mozilla event

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Why Carriers Just Love Firefox OS

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