Doug Ray, President, Carat Global

/// Doug Ray, President, Carat Global

February 23, 2013  |  Uncategorized

Doug Ray was appointed President of Carat Global in December 2012, in addition to retaining his existing position as President of Carat North America. In his new expanded role, Doug drives brand leadership, product and client development at Carat, on a global basis. Under Doug’s strategic guidance, Carat continues to push the boundaries of how media can be delivered to create great brand and business value, delivering its vision to redefine the value of media in a convergent marketplace.

Possessing a keen understanding of the new role that bought, owned and earned media play in a convergent world, Doug collaborates with his teams to seamlessly deliver holistic programmes for clients, leveraging the full range of expertise across the Aegis Media network. He is also responsible for shaping and directing Carat’s communications planning group, including consumer insights, strategy and analytics, which are the cornerstones of Carat’s consumer-centric approach to marketing communications.

In 2012, Doug was named Media Executive of the Year by Adweek, joining the publication’s prestigious list of “Media All-Stars,” and was named one of Advertising Age’s “Media Mavens.”

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