/// Xbox Remains Top Console in U.S., but PlayStation’s Strength Is Global

February 15, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been the bestselling videogame console in the U.S. every month for more than two years. There’s no doubt about it’s strength in the U.S., but internationally, it’s not so clear how the seven-year old game console is faring, especially in comparison to Sony’s PlayStation.  Microsoft sold 281,000 Xbox 360 units in January, up 4.1 percent from 270,000 a year ago, according to the NPD Group, which tracks sales of video-game software, hardware and accessories in the U.S. that occur at retail. Earlier this week at D: Dive Into Media , Yusuf Mehdi, who leads Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business, also provided an update based on internal data. He said the overall Xbox installed base is now at 76 million, up from 70 million at the end of September of last year. Also, 24 million Kinects have been sold, up from 20 million last year, and there are 46 million Xbox Live accounts, up from 40 million. Sales continue to be brisk because the company has been successful at moving beyond a hard-core gaming audience to serve members of the family who like other forms of entertainment, such as streaming video or music. But the rivalry between the different console makers is particularly intense right now as the industry waits for the next-generation devices to launch. The Nintendo Wii U was the first to launch this holiday season, but has had a relatively lackluster performance . Next week, Sony is planning to unveil its new home videogame console at an event in New York.

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Xbox Remains Top Console in U.S., but PlayStation’s Strength Is Global

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