/// Dish Chairman: "I Think People Are Cutting the Cord"

February 12, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen rejected the mainstream position held by TV companies that a significant number of people are skipping cable or satellite entirely. “I think people are cutting the cord,” Ergen said, adding that it’s a generational thing, but soon to be a big thing. He noted that, for years, phone companies talked about how customers weren’t giving up their landlines. There’s a reason why cigarette companies give out their product on college campuses, Ergen said. (Do they really still do that?) “I think we ought to be hooking people on pay TV when they are young,” Ergen said. “If we are getting run out of town, I want to get in front of that.” You can either fight change or embrace it, Ergen said. “I believe it is less risky, long-term, to embrace change,” Ergen said. [ See post to watch video ]

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Dish Chairman: "I Think People Are Cutting the Cord"

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