/// Study: Online Media Pays Off for Consumers More Than Offline

February 11, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Apparently, you can get media satisfaction — as long as you are online as opposed to offline. According to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group, consumers accrue more value from their online media usage than from their offline consumption. The new research report — titled “Follow the Surplus: How U.S. Consumers Value Online Media” — calculated that the average U.S. online user got a “consumer surplus” of $970, compared to $900 from offline media. BCG defines consumer surplus as “the value consumers themselves place on a media-related activity or product over and above what they pay for it.” The report looked at seven categories — books, radio and music, U.S. newspapers and magazines, TV and movies, video games, international newspapers and magazines and user-generated content and social networks. The largest chunk of online consumer satisfaction came from UCG and social, such as use of Facebook and YouTube, which makes sense since the actual cost is nearly zero and any benefit is essentially digital gravy. Books were where the least consumer surplus was online. That’s not a surprise, said BCG senior partner John Rose, who coauthored the report, but it is likely to change soon with the increasing popularity and proliferation of a variety of devices.

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Study: Online Media Pays Off for Consumers More Than Offline

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