/// Despite Blackout, Super Bowl Scores Record Ratings

February 4, 2013  |  Media Week

Despite a 34-minute power outage that left CBS scrambling to impose order in New Orleans, the preliminary ratings suggest that last night’s Super Bowl may be the most-watched in history. According to Nielsen fast national data, CBS’ broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII averaged a 48.3 household rating/71 share, up a tick from last year’s record 47.8/71. But those preliminary numbers are freighted with an asterisk, as the ratings service effectively wiped clear the time period roughly coinciding with the blackout (8:45 p.m. EST-9:15 EST, per Nielsen’s clock, although the real-time interval was closer to 8:32 p.m.-9:12 p.m.). For all that, the inclusion of the blackout ratings would not seem to have an appreciable impact on the broadcast’s overall deliveries. When the relevant half hour is added to the sample, the total average rating is a 48.2—a difference of just one-tenth of a point and a record any way you slice it. If these directional ratings hold up, it is likely that last night’s broadcast will top NBC’s record turnout for Super Bowl XLVI— 111.3 million viewers . It would also mark the fifth straight year of record deliveries for the NFL’s showcase. *UPDATE* : The final live-plus-same-day ratings indicate that the Super Bowl delivered an average audience of 108.4 million viewers, marking a decline of 3 percent versus last year’s record 111.3 million. The 49ers-Ravens showdown was also the first Super Bowl not to attain year-over-year growth since XXXIX in 2005 (Patriots-Eagles, Fox). For all that, Super Bowl XLVII now stands as the third most-watched program in television history

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Despite Blackout, Super Bowl Scores Record Ratings

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