/// Live: The Super Bowl of Super Bowl Live Blogs

February 3, 2013  |  All Things Digital

There are many reasons why one would want to watch the Super Bowl. Some people like the football, others the halftime performances and many tune in just for the commercials. We’ll be weighing in on all of these–as well as the Twitter reactions to each, in our second annual Super Bowl live blog. For a taste of what to expect, here’s a link to last year’s live blog . Things should get started just before kick-off. On the football front, its the battle of the Harbaugh brothers, while the tech front will feature rival ads from BlackBerry and Samsung , as well as spots from Best Buy and others. So pull up a chair, flip on the TV (or view CBS’ live web stream on a second device ) and get ready for some football. 3:20 pm : OK, it’s almost kick-off time. The Sandy Hook Elementary School just backed up Jennifer Hudson in singing America The Beautiful. So, who do you have in the pool. Political numbers expert Nate Silver is going with the 49ers . 3:22 pm : Alicia Keys is — as some on Twitter had surmised — on the keys, playing the piano for a subdued version of the National Anthem. 3:28 pm : Heads or tails. It’s a coin toss. The 49ers will start with the ball, while Hyundai has possession of the next commercial and Alicia Keys is getting some flack on Twitter for that rendition of the anthem. At least she wasn’t (or maybe she should have been) lip-synching. 3:38 pm : Some technical difficulties here have forced the laptop to the sidelines. Luckily the iPad has been waiting for this opportunity all season. 3:40 pm : Back on the field, Baltimore is out to the early lead with a touchdown. 3:45 pm : Uh.

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Live: The Super Bowl of Super Bowl Live Blogs

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