/// HBO Go Is Coming to Apple TV. Why Isn’t Everything Coming to Apple TV?

February 1, 2013  |  All Things Digital

As Bloomberg reports, sometime this year Apple TV users will be able to watch HBO shows — if they’re already subscribing to HBO via a pay cable provider. In other words, HBO will port its popular HBO Go app to Apple TV, just like it has already done with Roku and Microsoft’s Xbox. For the record, no comment from Apple. And here’s a non-comment comment from HBO: “We’ve said we would like HBO GO accessible on all preferred platforms so we are always having discussions with a variety of companies.” Anyway, when it does come, it will be a nice extra for HBO subscribers. Because HBO Go has a much deeper catalog than you can get from the HBO on demand service you get via cable and satellite. But that’s about it.* And if you want to start imagining that this is a precursor to HBO actually selling itself over the Web, on an al a carte basis, well, I can’t stop you. But you’re wrong: HBO isn’t ditching the pay TV bundle anytime soon , because it thinks that bundle works really well. And so does HBO’s owner, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes. You can have a lot of fun arguing with the HBO guys about why they think that, when so many of us Internet geniuses are convinced they’re wrong. And that’s certainly going to come up when we talk to HBO president Eric Kessler next month at our Dive into Media conference . But here’s another question:  Why isn’t everyone on Apple TV right now? Or more precisely, why doesn’t Apple open its box to outside developers, the same way Roku has? Opening up the platform to the rest of the world sure seemed to work well for the iPhone (recall that the App Store didn’t show up until the iPhone had been in the market for a year). But right now Apple TV has a grand total of 9 outside apps (one of which comes from the Wall Street Journal, which like this site is owned by News Corp.) Why hasn’t Apple let a thousand TV apps bloom

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HBO Go Is Coming to Apple TV. Why Isn’t Everything Coming to Apple TV?

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