/// Google Shares Hit Another All-Time High

February 1, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Shares of Google are on an upswing Friday, hitting a new high for the company of $775.32. That’s up 2.26 percent from the day’s opening price of $758.20. The company’s previous high was $774.38 in October. Google seems to be benefitting from broader bullishness as the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 14,000 for the first time since 2007 based on the latest U.S. jobs report. Google beat expectations (well, mostly — Motorola complicated things ) with its fourth-quarter earnings report on Jan. 22. And the tech sector overall is having a good earnings season, with strong reports from Qualcomm , Facebook , Yahoo and Apple , among others. The company also submitted a proposal to the European Commission about antitrust concerns yesterday.

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Google Shares Hit Another All-Time High

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