Are you addicted to Twitter?

/// Are you addicted to Twitter?

January 30, 2013  |  Blog

You won’t find any Twitter secrets written by experts on this post, just a listing of behaviors that may seem normal to some and outright weird to others. I have listed some of my (odd) behaviors below. What are yours?

I check Twitter 3-4 times a day using Chrome.

I look at my mentions every time I go onto Twitter.

I follow people that are my close friends and business associates.

I follow people that post interesting links pertaining to the stuff I am into.

At least 50% of what I read online these days comes from links that were posted by the people I follow.

I won’t follow anyone that posts more than ten times a day. I don’t care how interesting they are.

I won’t follow anyone that uses animation on their profile picture. It gives me a headache.

If someone goes on a tweeting rampage (30 tweets in 2 days), I un-follow them for being self-important.

I have a tendency to follow people that seems really smart, but post infrequently.

I rarely follow-back, but I look at the profile of every person that follows me.

I check the blogs and websites of a lot of Twitter users (suggested by Twitter).

I would rather follow someone using RSS and Google Reader than via Twitter. I follow hundreds of sites using RSS. However, I read anything long using Instapaper.

Pet peeve: people that un-follow you because you did not follow them back. This is what little kids do!

Pet peeve: people that are into accumulating followers. I know people with 1,000,000 followers. It’s practically meaningless, and it gets you nowhere.

Pet peeve: following 33,256 • followers 34,111. Seriously. What’s the point here?

Pet peeve: people that re-tweet corporate dribble and celebrity gossip.

I have been using Twitter for a few years, but I have minimal appreciation for #hashtags.

I don’t re-tweet much, but I share links to the stuff I find via the people I follow every day.

It can often take me weeks to get around to reading or watching the stuff I find on Twitter.

Writing clear and concise tweets that deliver value takes me way longer than writing the same thing via a blog post.

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