/// The Stickiness of iOS Makes It Tough for Apple Users to Stray

January 29, 2013  |  All Things Digital

With whispers of slowing growth at Apple growing louder after a record earnings report that nonetheless sent investors fleeing into the woods , sentiment around Apple is the lowest it’s been in some time. Apple’s new guidance methodology doesn’t leave much room for those old school beats of which the Street was so fond, and concerns about the company’s ability to innovate at the same pace and level as it did during the Steve Jobs era continue to dog it. Then there are the perennial worries about gross margins. Are more iPhone and iPad buyers gravitating to less expensive entry-level models? Will that depress the average selling price (ASP) for those lines? And if Apple does release that low-cost iPhone it’s reportedly developing, what happens to ASPs then? There’s no question that Apple’s last earnings report suggests that the company’s blistering tear of the past few years is slowing as it transitions from a growth stock to a value stock. To be clear, the Apple growth story isn’t yet over

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The Stickiness of iOS Makes It Tough for Apple Users to Stray

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