/// Smoke-Free, No Reservations

January 22, 2013  |  Media Week

Plenty of big companies boast a celebrity endorser these days, but GlaxoSmithKline scored a coup when it recently signed restaurateur and vintner Joe Bastianich , who runs world-famous restaurants including Manhattan’s Del Posto and Babbo, and serves as a judge on Fox’s MasterChef . Bastianich doesn’t do the pitchman thing for other people’s brands, but he’s put his name on GSK’s Blueprint to Quit stop-smoking regimen for one reason: Nearly a third of all restaurant employees are smokers (one of the highest rates for any industry), and he used to be one of them. Adweek lucked into a reservation and asked Bastianich about his new project. Adweek: What is it about the restaurant business—your industry—that causes so many of its employees to light up? It’s a fact that the type of people who are successful in our industry are so creative and hardworking, they have a tendency to be compulsive—and that leads to bad habits. You operate famous eateries all over the world, which means that plenty of smokers are on your payroll. Does that bother you? As an employer of a lot of people, I saw partnering with Blueprint to Quit as an opportunity to help people. The program’s well-rounded. It expresses their issues.

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Smoke-Free, No Reservations

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