Most Luxury Brands “Fairly Satisfied” With Social Media Results

/// Most Luxury Brands “Fairly Satisfied” With Social Media Results

January 15, 2013  |  Blog

Asked how their social media efforts are performing, 63% of luxury marketers surveyed by Luxury Interactive and ShopIgnite said they were fairly satisfied with their results but are working to improve them. Another 21% are confident with their results so far, leaving just 8% unhappy and 9% not yet tracking the performance of their social efforts. Given their general satisfaction, it’s not surprising that 72% plan to increase their social media spend this year.

In terms of where that money might go, half of the respondents said that people and/or agencies was the top area to which they devoted their social media budgets last year. Following that in budget allocation were: advertising; experiences and/or content production; social commerce; and social management software.

Increased spending on social media will be with the primary purpose of driving brand engagement and loyalty, which 48% of respondents say is their top goal for their social media efforts. Next up, 30% say their first goal is acquiring new customers, followed by driving sales, driving product discovery, and generating customer insight.

About the Data: The survey was distributed before the October, 2012 Luxury Interactive conference and also onsite at the conference in New York City. More than 130 marketing executives from luxury brands completed the survey, which asked questions about what digital areas they were spending on, which aspects of social media were working for them, what their spend plans for 2013 were, and more.

Link: Most Luxury Brands “Fairly Satisfied” With Social Media Results

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