/// Barry Diller Wants to Take You On a Blind Date, and He Wants You to Pay

January 15, 2013  |  All Things Digital

You would like to go on a date tonight, but you don’t want to spend time and effort convincing someone to be near you? IAC CEO Barry Diller would like to help. His Match dating unit is rolling out Crazy Blind Date , a mobile app that promises to provide just that: A fix-up with someone you’ve never met, and haven’t been able to see. The basics: You tell the app (iOS and Android) when you want to go out, and where, and it finds someone with the same (basic) requirements. Both of you get a scrambled picture of each other, which should be enough to let know if your date has horns or tribal tattoos. But that’s about it. Then you’re supposed to go meet up for 20 minutes. Weird, right? I can’t imagine a soul I know who would rely on a mobile app to fix them up on a blind date. But then again I don’t think I know many people who would go on a blind date, period. And I’m now so old that I’m frequently baffled by all sorts digital social interactions — Snapchat  let you do what? Why? Really? — and that makes me wary about handicapping any of this stuff. What’s really interesting about Crazy Blind Date, though, isn’t the overarching concept, but the reputation system it is trying out. The app is free, and so is the match-making service. But once you’ve gone on a date, you’re encourage to rate your counterpart. And if you want to give them a thumbs up — “kudos”, in the app’s parlance — you have to pay to do it, via an in-app purchase. The ratings have nothing to do with whether you get a second date — the app will help you message your date after the fact, but the rest is up to you

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Barry Diller Wants to Take You On a Blind Date, and He Wants You to Pay

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