Spotlight on New York Tech Company Animoto

/// Spotlight on New York Tech Company Animoto

January 10, 2013  |  Blog

In 2006, Animoto was founded in New York. By 2007, its creators had launched a web application that people could use to easily create high quality videos using images, text, and music. Today, it has come so far that there is now an iPhone app, as well as Apple TV and AirPlay functionality. Plus, Animoto has won Webby Awards, in addition to awards from TechCrunch, PC Magazine, SXSW, and more.

The premise of the application is simple. Let’s say you want to tell a story through a personalized video you can share with friends and family, but you have no experience with creating or editing videos. With Animoto, you can still get results that look professional and engaging using the web application. Once you create a video, you can easily share it on social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, or you can simply email it to anyone you want to show it to.

The point of Animoto is that you do not have to learn how to use complicated video editing software to get videos that look good because this application does it all for you, using the same kind of post-production methods used in the film industry. You can add effects, backgrounds, and interesting transitions within each video you make using Animoto. Not surprisingly, the site had more than 1 million users by 2009, and now even professional photographers are known for using it. It appears the owners of Animoto are always improving the application, so you can surely expect to hear more about this ever-growing company.

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