/// Ballmer’s CES Keynote, Courtesy of Qualcomm (Video)

January 8, 2013  |  All Things Digital

The scorecards were at the ready. Tech pundits were poised to poke fun. All were waiting to grade Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs’s performance as the CES keynote speaker on Monday evening. It’s the first year since Microsoft, the longstanding headliner and keynote company, pulled out of the conference entirely. And then Steve Ballmer showed up. The Microsoft CEO couldn’t stay away from the evening’s big event, after leading the charge for the past twelve years. About 20 minutes into the event, Jacobs brought Ballmer on stage to talk about all the “cool stuff” Microsoft is doing, running on Qualcomm’s chipsets.

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Ballmer’s CES Keynote, Courtesy of Qualcomm (Video)

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