/// Microsoft Tries for Better Cinema Ads

January 7, 2013  |  Media Week

People expect to see trailers for other films when they go to the movies, but increasingly audiences have been subjected to ham-handed, repurposed ads for other kinds of products while they wait for the feature to start. Now, Microsoft is attempting to create dedicated ads for the pre-movie experience that will actually entertain viewers. The tech giant has signed a two-year deal with National CineMedia (NCM) to use two-minute cinema spots, plus interactive in-lobby display ads and on-package promos, in NCM’s 183 markets (19,300 movie screens) nationwide. It’s the first time that the cinema network has attracted a long-term advertiser to its platform after a 10-year history of one-off campaigns with Microsoft as well as others including Microsoft Samsung, Old Navy, Kraft, Taco Bell and Best Buy. In the new arrangement, Microsoft plans to push the Windows Phone 8 before showings of such films as The Hobbit , Les Miserables , Zero Dark Thirty and others. “We see cinema as a great way for us to go beyond that 30-second TV ad and continue a conversation with consumers in an interesting way,” said Betsy Webb, gm of global media at Microsoft Marketing

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Microsoft Tries for Better Cinema Ads

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