/// Welcome to CES: A Trade Show, Not a Tastemaker

January 4, 2013  |  All Things Digital

This week, most of the developed world will stagger halfheartedly back to the office, attempting to work after two weeks of twinkling lights, post-nog hangovers, and watching bad TV sprawled across couches inside the houses we grew up in. Most, but not all. Once again, 150,000 members of the greater technology world will descend upon Las Vegas for the International CES, or what can only generously be described as a week of hell on earth . It is a nonstop onslaught on the senses. Companies, journalists, vendors, distributors, start-ups, wannabes, has-beens and never-weres packed into 1.8 million square feet of convention center concrete, wares splayed across plastic booths waiting to be picked over and sneezed upon. And all the rigamarole presupposes one major assumption: That any of this actually matters to you, the lovers of tech, the nerds — the consumers

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Welcome to CES: A Trade Show, Not a Tastemaker

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