/// Spogo App Lets You Bet on Live Sports (Sort Of)

December 19, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Sometimes, it seems like sports are impervious to the Internet. Long before anyone had heard of social media, sports — both in the stadium and on TV — were a social experience, and that’s held true to today, even when “live” events can be anything but. Still, “second screen” apps, which aim to supplement live TV for smartphone and tablet users, could yet have value for sports. Case in point: Spogo . The Boston start-up is awkwardly named, but clever in execution. Users download an app to their iPhones (Spogo plans to release an Android app after it finishes a round of seed funding), and use it to wager on what’s going to happen throughout the live game. But instead of betting money — a tricky affair in the U.S. — they bet points that can be exchanged for prizes. Co-founder Andrew Vassallo said Spogo has a total of 50 prize-awarding partners in its two launch cities, New York and Boston. Most of those partners are sports bars, paying for both exposure through the app’s prizes (e.g. free beer or half-off a hamburger) and for data on the users who redeem those rewards

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Spogo App Lets You Bet on Live Sports (Sort Of)

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