/// Google Maps For iPhone Returns Better Than Ever

December 19, 2012  |  All Things Digital

[ See post to watch video ] Google’s rich, reliable Maps app is back on the iPhone, and that means iPhone users can stop relying on the flawed, fledgling Apple maps app that replaced it as a built-in feature in September. Apple’s version is still bolted into the phone, and the new, free Google app must be downloaded from Apple’s app store. Google says the app was downloaded 10 million times in just its first two days of availability last week. More Info: After entering a place in Google Maps, tapping a bar on the screen brings up various data such as opening hours and photographic views. The reappearance of Google Maps on the iPhone closes a big advantage Google’s own Android phones had gained when Apple’s replacement turned out to lack some key features, such as labeling of buildings and businesses, street-view photos and public-transit routing. It also offered too much inaccurate location data. However, the biggest news here is that the new iPhone version of Google Maps isn’t just better than Apple Maps.

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Google Maps For iPhone Returns Better Than Ever

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