/// Pixplit Is a Photo App That’s Actually Social

December 14, 2012  |  All Things Digital

OK, so let me be upfront about this: It’s another mobile photo app. But Pixplit actually has an interesting spin that makes it more social and interactive — almost like a simple game. Pixplit is an iPhone app that helps users build photo montages together. Basically, the first person contributes a photo and a caption, and the next person (or people) add their own take. Each “split” is public and can be “resplit” by anyone who wants to join in. In a way, each post is like a prompt, asking other people to contribute. So for example, someone might post a picture of a sunset from where they are, and someone else somewhere else might add in their own view. Or someone could post a picture of their hand in the shape of half of a heart, and someone else could complete it. Or, they could take the riff in a totally different direction. The somewhat awkwardly named app is made by a small team of seed-funded mobile app developers I met on a trip to Israel this week. It has a nicely novel visual aesthetic — though of course it resembles Instagram and other mobile social media apps.

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Pixplit Is a Photo App That’s Actually Social

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