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/// Content & Commerce – AHAlife

December 12, 2012  |  Blog

As the name suggests, AHAlife is a website that focuses on allowing readers to discover new products they would not necessarily think to search for. Once they are presented with these high end products from all over the world, they have an “aha!” moment and buy the items that catch their eye. What separates this site from other online retailers is that it relies on a group of curators, including models, designers, and stylists, to choose only unique, high quality products to display. Current examples on the site include handcrafted mobiles, ergonomic wine glasses, and a wooden cigar humidor.

The founder of AHAlife is Shauna Mei, who left her position in finance at Goldman Sachs to start her company in New York. Within three months, she raised $3 million from angel investors, and she now has more than $19 million in funds for the company. She has claimed there is definitely a market for full priced items online since plenty of people are willing to pay top dollar to have the latest or most unique items.

Shauna has mentioned plans to keep expanding the company and avoid offering the discounts so many online retailers are known for. What remains to be seen is whether she will add advertising opportunities to the website. AHAlife has been going strong since September 2010, and there is no telling how far it will go in the next few years.

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