/// Hispanic Networks Rebrand En Masse

December 10, 2012  |  Media Week

For some reason, every Spanish-language network seems to want the same thing for Christmas: a rethink. NBCUniversal's growing broadcast network Telemundo, Univision's cable network Telefutura (now UniMas) and even CNN are undergoing major changes this winter—the first two have unveiled full-blown rebrands, while CNN is piloting a Spanish-language programming block in L.A. All three are working hard at making sure their programming targets U.S. Hispanics, especially the ever-growing contingent of bilingual Americans in the second and third generations who aren't necessarily looking for programming that reminds them of life outside the United States. It's a tricker proposition than many neophyte marketers and distributors imagined. SNL Kagan estimated earlier this year that Spanish-language digital TV availability doubled between 2011 and 2012—there are now fully 216 Spanish multicast channels, so the competition is fierce. And of course, the political season proved pretty definitively that it's not enough to just crank out Spanish-language versions of spots that target middle-aged Caucasians. If an advertiser can't demonstrate to the Hispanic audience a sufficient understanding of the culture, he ends up spending nearly $400 million to no effect whatsoever (we're looking at you, Karl Rove ). And yet, the growth of the demographic continues to astound. “We saw it in the census, and we've seen it in experience, and we've seen it in recent elections,” said Jackie Hern

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