/// The Most Popular Tech Ad of 2012 … Isn’t From Apple

December 5, 2012  |  All Things Digital

In the real world, Apple sells lots of hardware. On the Web, Apple generates lots of clicks. But when it comes to Web video, there are plenty of other tech brands competing for your eyeballs. Check out this list of 2012′s most popular tech ads, compiled by video tracker Visible Measures. Only a single Apple ad cracks the Top 10, and it’s not even a formal Apple ad — it’s the company’s seven-minute introduction for the iPhone 5. Visible Measures says it comes in at No. 6, with 18.4 million “true reach” views, which is supposed to measure every version of the clip that hit YouTube and every other video site, as well as parodies, mashups, etc. Of course, you could also argue that Apple gets partial credit for the top spot, as well, since that one goes to Samsung’s Galaxy S III ad, which lacerates Apple fanboys. This one brought in 71.8 million views, says Visible Measures. Here’s rest of the list. Note that Google, either directly or via Android, is involved in more than half of the clips: 2: Intel/Toshiba, 54.4 million 3: Samsung, 42.2 million 4: Samsung, 22.9 million 5: Google, 20.8 million 7: LG, 17.3 million 8: Samsung, 16.4 million [We’ve got a bad link for this one, will fix ASAP] 9: Google, 13.8 million 10: Microsoft, 13.6 million

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