Study Shows Good News for Brands Using Shazam to Advertise

/// Study Shows Good News for Brands Using Shazam to Advertise

December 3, 2012  |  Blog

A recent study by Frank M. Magid Associates show advertisements making use of Shazam tend to be more effective than traditional ads. This is likely because Shazam engages viewers and encourages interactivity using a second screen that allows the audience to see related tweets, learn trivia, and more while watching shows. Experts claim the interactive methods used by this program are the future of advertising.

One of the findings of the study showed that audience members who tag ads through Shazam tend to be more likely to further explore the brands than those who do not use this program. Interactions with the brand may include visiting the Facebook page or website, looking for locations, or even getting a price quote. About half of the people in the study bookmarked ads when using Shazam so they could look at them later, such as after they watched the show.

In addition, the study showed that more than two thirds of participants who tagged the ad liked the brand, which may explain why about the same percentage of viewers talked about it or even took some immediate action after watching it. Finally, 100% of the viewers who tagged the advertisement remembered it, while only 65% of the people who did not tag it recalled it later. Almost all the participants in the study claimed they were not confused or distracted by the ads through Shazam as they watched TV, which is why the company is expanding quickly.

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