/// How T-Mobile Has Been Getting Itself Ready for the IPhone

November 30, 2012  |  All Things Digital

T-Mobile USA has long been on the sidelines of the iPhone revolution, but the carrier is working hard to change that. Until very recently, T-Mobile had very little shot at being able to carry the iPhone. Although it uses the same type of network technology as AT&T, it uses a different band of spectrum for its higher-speed data network. That has meant that one of two things would have had to happen in order for there to be a T-Mobile-capable iPhone. Either Apple would have to build in support for T-Mobile’s unique spectrum band, or else T-Mobile would have to rework its entire network to carry data over a more iPhone-friendly piece of spectrum. For much of the past year, T-Mobile has been doing the latter Several cities are already up and running , with T-Mobile promising even more progress by the end of the year. Merrill Lynch said this week that the T-Mobile will be taking things a whole lot further with plans to finally start selling the Apple phone. Without the iPhone, T-Mobile has been bleeding contract customers. In the past two years, not only have Verizon and Sprint started carrying the iPhone, but also a variety of regional and prepaid carriers, as well, leaving T-Mobile (and merger partner MetroPCS) among the few major carriers without an iPhone to sell.

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How T-Mobile Has Been Getting Itself Ready for the IPhone

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