NY Tech Meetup Has Expanded and Evolved Under New Leadership

/// NY Tech Meetup Has Expanded and Evolved Under New Leadership

November 27, 2012  |  Blog

As you might have noticed already, New York City is on its way to becoming one of the newest technology centers. Mayor Bloomberg, Esther Dyson, and other influential figures are not the only driving forces behind this. With its monthly demo events, NY Tech Meetup is a major impetus for this achievement, and it does not look like this will change any time soon.

In fact, under the new leadership of Jessica Lawrence, both attendance and sponsorship of the monthly demo nights have increased. From September 2004 to April 2011, membership grew to 15,000. Since then, membership has nearly doubled to 27,115 and growing. Technology enthusiasts are always hungry to learn more about this ever-changing field, and the NY Tech Meetup’s events have apparently been satisfying their curiosity about the latest advancements.

The audience tends to be a mix of entrepreneurs, investors, students, and twenty-somethings who just want to know what the next popular gadget will be. Not surprisingly, both genders and practically all ages are often represented at these meetups. Nearly half of the people at the last NY Tech Meetup event were first-time attendees. However, the typical coterie of influencers still calls this their meeting spot, with regulars like Esther Dyson, Anil Dash, and David Lerner, among others.

Of course, the audience is not the main event. Though attendees are encouraged to meet fellow technology fans at these events, most go to watch product demonstrations. Every month, the platform stays rather consistent, which means the event begins with a startup technology-based business demonstrating a new product. The audience will typically see 9 to 12 demonstrations at each event. Attendees can ask questions about the product once the demo is over, though it should be noted that it is still considered taboo to ask questions about the business model of each startup company.

Countless well-known startups have debuted at NYTM, only to become extremely successful months later, which is probably why the monthly event is always sold out rather quickly. If you have heard of Tumblr, Foursquare, Livestream, or Vimeo, you have heard of some businesses that at one time demonstrated at an NYTM event. Therefore, it should not be surprising that some of the group’s sponsorship partners include Tumblr, Google, Microsoft, and MLB. In fact, you can now watch the live video streams of NYTM via MLB Advanced Media.

If you are still questioning whether New York is a digital center for technology, you should try getting tickets to the next NYTM. If you are able to succeed at this, prepare to be in awe of the entrepreneurs you will undoubtedly meet and the startup presentations you will witness. Then you can form your decision on whether New York is indeed a tech center, and whether NYTM has had something to do with it.

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