/// How IBM Is Watching How You Shop Online

November 23, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Starting yesterday and continuing into today, computing giant IBM has been putting out quick reports on the state of online shopping . Apparently this is now a officially a thing, so here are some stats taken from the latest snapshot as of 3 pm ET, because we just know you’re not shopping on a tablet, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about how many others are: Online sales are up 20 percent for this same time period over Black Friday 2011. The number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site is at 28 percent, up from 18.1 percent in 2011. The number of consumers using their mobile device to make a purchase is 14.3 percent, up from 10.3 percent in 2011. Shoppers using the iPad led to more retail purchases more often per visit than other mobile devices, with conversion rates reaching 4.2 percent, higher than all other mobile devices. Shoppers referred from social networks like Facebook and Twitter generated 0.18 percent of all online sales on Black Friday. So you might be wondering how IBM gets all this info. It’s all part of its strategic play in the world of big data, essentially helping companies make more sense of the huge troves of data they’ve gathered that were previously being ignored. Smarter Commerce is the area of IBM devoted to helping retailers better understand that data so they can come up with improved ideas concerning how to sell more stuff. Where they gather that data is the IBM Benchmark. It’s a cloud-based digital analytics platform that soaks up digital information about how consumers respond to different ways of selling things online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long, from 500 different online retailers. IBM won’t name them — they joined the network under condition of anonymity — but Big Blue says the companies that participate include about half of the companies named on the Internet Retailer Top 100 list . A lot of the technology comes from Coremetrics and Unica, acquisitions IBM made in 2010.

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How IBM Is Watching How You Shop Online

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