/// Nintendo Wii U Launch Hindered by Software Updates, Missing Features

November 19, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The Nintendo Wii U launch got off to a bang last night with a midnight celebration in the Big Apple. In the ensuing hours, sales for the new gaming console have been brisk with some stores reporting that inventory has been sold out. Others are predictably trying to sell the hardware on eBay for above market prices. But not everything has gone as smoothly as Nintendo would have liked for its first console launch in six years. And, there’s no real-world button that will allow Nintendo to restart this day over again. In widespread reports online, customers are saying that they are experiencing long waits for mandatory software updates and that some of the device’s most notable features, including the company’s social network called Miiverse , are not working. What’s more, not all of the video services are launching as expected. Nintendo said on Friday that Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus will not be available at launch. Additionally, its own TVii service, which allows customers to access their TV guide from the GamePad controller and to change the channel from their set-top box using infrared technology, will also not be available. The Netflix app will be available immediately with the rest coming in December. A message on Nintendo’s Facebook page today warned that the Miiverse is overcapacity.

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Nintendo Wii U Launch Hindered by Software Updates, Missing Features

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