/// Rovio’s Mighty Eagle on Taking His Angry Birds Into the Real World

November 9, 2012  |  All Things Digital

While many gaming companies are working to move all-digital, Rovio is looking at ways to increase its real-world presence. Already, 30 percent of sales come from physical goods. “In a few years, more than half of our business will be physical,” Rovio marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka said during a panel discussion at the Open Mobile Summit on Thursday. That’s not to say the company isn’t devoting a lot of time to its game-making. This year has already seen the Angry Birds flying into space, along with the release of Birds spinoff Bad Piggies , and Amazing Alex , a non-Angry birds title. And, on Thursday, the company released Star Wars Angry Birds. The goal is to create physical goods that drive more time spent with the video games, and vice versa. In all, the company hopes to have a billion fans interacting with Rovio’s characters in two or three years’ time. “We are looking at food, drinks, stuff that you will use everyday,” Vesterbacka said. The model in this area, he says, is Coca-Cola, which serves up a billion servings of its soft drinks each day. If they can do that with a physical product, Rovio should be able to do it with the Birds. “Again, people think that we are crazy,” Vesterbacka said, clad in his usual red Angry Birds sweatshirt. So, what of projects that blend the physical and digital worlds? Augmented reality would seem to be a natural fit. It is indeed an area that Rovio has been investigating. “We have done a lot of work on that in our labs,” Vesterbacka said in an interview Thursday. The challenge, he said, is doing something that isn’t just a technology demonstration

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Rovio’s Mighty Eagle on Taking His Angry Birds Into the Real World

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