/// "Own Your Code": Facebook’s Engineering Shift Tackles The Problem of Mobile

November 9, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The global shift from desktop to mobile came on like a bomb. And no one — not even Facebook — was truly prepared. Now, as the lion’s share of the social giant’s user base accesses the site via mobile devices, Facebook has undergone a major internal organizational shift, retooling product workflows to better focus on the phone. Engineering teams are morphing. Software cycles are being re-jiggered. It’s a materialization of the company’s newest mantra: “ Mobile first. “ The Old Days Facebook has taken flak for its mobile strategy for some time. Its smartphone apps, for example, were sluggish and underperforming compared to others like Twitter. Some of the blame for these deficiencies is placed on a technology bet Facebook made years ago, making HTML5 a key component of Facebook’s mobile strategy. Put simply, it is a coding language that can handle some of today’s more taxing Web features. And Facebook’s apps were built with heavy use of HTML5. Using a language like HTML5 has its benefits. For one, it let Facebook spread much faster. Any phone with a Web browser can access Facebook’s mobile site, where the company spent much of its effort refining early on. Not to mention that many of today’s engineers grew up using Web-based languages back in the early dot-com days.

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"Own Your Code": Facebook’s Engineering Shift Tackles The Problem of Mobile

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