/// Here’s How Bravo’s "Silicon Valley" Stars Pitch Start-Up Investors (Slides)

November 6, 2012  |  All Things Digital

While Americans geared up for Election Day coverage on Monday evening, much of Silicon Valley was glued to a different channel. It was the premier of “ Start-Ups: Silicon Valley ,” the Bravo-produced reality show which follows a group of twentysomethings through the trials of tech entrepreneurship. It’s been the hot topic of the technorati for months, all of whom were eager to see just how drastically wrong a big cable network would portray the tech scene. Bravo didn’t disappoint. I spent the evening at one of the many Bay Area viewing parties with a group of tech reporters, entrepreneurs and other industry folk. Like any subculture enamored with itself, we took great joy in watching what amounted to something everyone expected: Strings of tech buzzwords. Engineers reciting equations amid kegstands. Waxing philosophically over Valley “ecosystems” while poolside. In essence, a laughable caricature of our own little world. The highlight, by far, was watching brother and sister duo Ben and Hermione Way pitch their start-up idea, “Ignite,” to angel investor Dave McClure. After Hermione takes a nap under McClure’s desk (yes, really), the siblings walk a skeptical McClure through their vision of a health app for smartphones. We’ve managed to get our hands on a copy of the pitch deck the two created for investors, which give some insight (but not much) into their company vision

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Here’s How Bravo’s "Silicon Valley" Stars Pitch Start-Up Investors (Slides)

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