/// Tuesday Is Election Night, Be Careful What You Tweet

November 5, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Depending on who you ask — and, indeed, how much you even care — Tuesday night is going to be a long one. If you buy the arguments of the prognosticators leaning on the latest national polls, such as this one from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News , the race will come down to the wire, with the results of several states in doubt probably until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. That’s what we’ve come to expect in our elections since 2000, when, after all the states were tallied, Florida was so excruciatingly close that the election wasn’t fully decided until mid-December. The 2004 election was similarly close, coming down to a statistical razor’s edge of fewer than 120,000 votes in Ohio. While in 2008 the election was wrapped as networks called the race before midnight Eastern Time, all the expectations are that this year will be more like 2000. As the sun sets across the nation and people gather in bars and private homes and other places to watch the results, the evening should go according to a fairly well-established script.

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Tuesday Is Election Night, Be Careful What You Tweet

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